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Autumn & Eliot - 5-Song EP

Autumn & Eliot

5-Song EP

A sweet and sad five-song cycle exploring first love, heartbreak and the loss of innocence with Frederick Julius' signature harmonies and poetic lyrics.

Highlights: Autumn & Eliot, Watercolor.

Average Artwork - CD Album

Average Artwork

CD Album

Frederick Julius's signature syrupy harmonies and picturesque wordplay are on full display in this summery offering from the lo-fi wizard of underground pop.

Highlights: Jonathan & Jupiter, Water In The Walls

Valerie May I - EP Maxi-SIngle

Valerie May I

EP Maxi-SIngle

The latest Frederick Julius release is a bouquet of throwback retro-pop with signature sugary harmonies and an undeniable lilt. Includes bonus vocals only track, instrumental track, and an alternate acoustic version with guitar by Mike Geiler.

Adventures In No-Fi - CD Album

Adventures In No-Fi

CD Album

An undeniably catchy collection of lo-fi bedroom pop, Adventures In No-Fi wraps the despair of crumbling relationships in Frederick Julius' signature harmonies. Highlights are "I Am The President," "Jenny Joy," "Shelly Sunday," and the heartbreaking closing track "Sailing."

The Garden At Dusk - CD Album

The Garden At Dusk

CD Album

The Garden At Dusk is a gorgeous watercolory sketchbook of harmonies, surprisingly spare production, and surreal lyrics that hint at fleeting moments of heartbreak, isolation and redemption. But the entire panoramic sweep of these lo-fi bedroom ballads is undergirded by an undeniable hope for what may come. Highlights are "Older By 4 Years," "This Package," and "'Til My Heart Turns Off."


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