Autumn & Eliot

Frederick Julius

A sweet and sad five-song cycle exploring first love, heartbreak and the loss of innocence with Frederick Julius' signature harmonies and poetic lyrics.

Frederick Julius is the underground, lo-fi pop music project of artist Matt Geiler -- who infuses all of his original songs with gorgeous harmonies that conjure the vital sound of early Beach Boys records, and lyrics that are visual experiments in the surreal. Each title in the ever-growing Frederick Julius catalogue is written and recorded by Matt in his sleepy bedroom studio, dubbed The Wonder Room, in Los Angeles, CA.

The harmonies and sugar-tinged melancholy of Frederick Julius actually began in a farmhouse in Nebraska, where Matt and his brother Mike started recording their own original music at ages 11 and 9 in their bathroom. The brothers' improvised studio set up included a Yamaha PS-41 toy synthesizer, two boom boxes (for multi-tracking vocals), and several towels under the door to blot out unwanted sounds. Years later, and much removed from the plains of the Midwest, Frederick Julius records still have that special warmth and homemade magic woven into their very aesthetic.

The latest Frederick Julius release, Autumn & Eliot, follows hot on the heels of an EP (Valerie May I) and three full albums that appeared in between October 2014 and February 2016 -- Average Artwork, Adventures In No-Fi and The Garden At Dusk, each one a dreamy, harmony-drenched suite of lo-fi pop that navigate the darkness of decaying relationships and the flashes of warmth that make such a descent bearable.

A prolific songwriter and gifted singer, Matt is also a peerless musical improviser who's ability to belt out complete songs off the top of his head has also led to a flourishing career as a rising comedic performer. He resides in LA where he continues to write, record, perform, and put smiles on faces with his music and comedy.

The next Frederick Julius project, an album titled "Lunatic Byrd," is scheduled for release in September 2017.

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